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Barrier-Free University


Barrier-free benefits everyone: people with or without a disability, seniors, children, parents and people with temporary restricted mobility. So an elevator equally helps parents with prams, the elderly and hampered people.

People with learning difficulties need texts in simple language or with illustrations. This also serves many others: people with poor knowledge of german, people that cannot- or scarcely read or do not know their way around places.

Barrier-Free signifies access and participation in many areas and shapes it in a way that all people, with or without disability can participate in social life.
Definition: Aktion Mensch

In 2019 the Leibniz University Hannover created a working group called "Barrier-Free University"   which will examine where barrier-free entrances- spatial as well as websites and within teaching- have to be established.
What are the current measures and have they been successful? How does one organise networks guided by knowledge?

Here you will find informations on the work of the working group, best practice examples as well as guidelines, regulations and contact persons.

Innovative suggestions and ideas are gladly accepted.

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Working Group "Barrier-Free University"
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Best Practice: All Inclusive – The Buddy Project