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Pregnant! What next?

If you are pregnant, you will have many questions, whether you are a student or an employee. We will support you and offer information and counselling.

Information on the Maternity Protection Act for female students

Since 1. January 2018 the Maternity Protection Act also applies to female students. New amendments in the Maternity Protection Act (MuschG) affect maternity protection peroids, risk assessments as well as protective measures. Pregnant and nursing female students can get information at family services in the Hochschulbüro für ChancenVielfalt.


In order to make use of the protective rights according to the maternity protection act, female students should report a pregnancy to the university as soon as possible. Family service at the Hochschulbüro für Chancenvielfalt is the first point of contact for reporting a pregnancy. Here female students will get first consultation and information on further processes.
Consultancy appointments can be arranged in the family office with Joana Rieck:
Tel: 0511-762 3774

Depending on the field of study, protective measures will be implemented in coordination with tutors, course coordinators, the academic examination office and the examination board.
Pregnant female students are exempted from lectures, traineeships, and exams at Leibniz Universität in the last six weeks before- and eight weeks after childbirth (or twelve weeks with premature- or multiple births). Female students can renounce their maternity protection periods in writing, this notice can be revoked at any time.
Tutors, course coordinators and examination boards will be seperately informed about their involvement in the procedure. Should there be any questions until then, please contact Joana Rieck:

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