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Information for students on the maternity protection act


The Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz, or MuschG) regulates maternity protection periods, risk assessments, and necessary protection measures for female students. Family Services at the Equal Opportunities Office can supply the relevant information to pregnant and nursing students.

In order to claim protection rights under the Maternity Protection Act, students should report a pregnancy as soon as possible. The Equal Opportunities Office is the first port of call for reporting a pregnancy. Here, students will receive initial advice and information on further procedures.

Pregnant students are not required to attend lectures, practical work or exams at Leibniz University for six weeks before the expected date of birth and eight weeks after the birth (or twelve weeks in the case of premature or multiple births). Students wishing to take advantage of the maternity protection period must inform the Examinations Office four weeks before the start of the maternity protection period. The maternity protection period is six weeks before the expected date of birth and eight weeks after the birth.

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