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One-Year Group Supervision


Frauen bei einer Veranstaltung Frauen bei einer Veranstaltung Frauen bei einer Veranstaltung

This one-year group supervision and collegial advice for female academic executives starts again in May 2019.
Supervision and collegial advice differ on their approaches but can very well complement each other. What approach is chosen depends on individual requests. While supervision enables to train change of perspective under the leadership of a supervisor and thereby reflect upon one’s own professional demeanour, with collegial advice this develops from the group. The aim is to provide the participants with basic knowledge, communication techniques and management strategies.

Target groups are female executives: professors, junior professors, postdocs and other executives

Dates: Starting May 2019|regular monthly group meetings after consultation with the coach.

Participant numbers: 7- 10 female scientists

Costs: 150 Euro

This offer is conducted by:
Alexandra Busch |University Consulting |Systemic Counsellor and Coach|Bielefeld
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