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Logo: Hochschulbüro für ChancenVielfalt der Leibniz Universität Hannover
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The Equal Opportunities Office

Leibniz Universität Hannover leads the way in equal opportunities for women and men

... and will pursue this objective single-mindedly. The university supports the skills of women and men, and provides family-friendly conditions for studying and working. As an issue of utmost importance, equal opportunities are a top priority.

Equal Opportunities concern us all...

... and are not restricted to staffing policies. Equal opportunities and family-friendly conditions represent a competitive advantage for the university. Equal opportunities work is thus carried out in all areas of the university.

The Equal Opportunities Officer advises the university...

... in implementing legal obligations for gender equality. Apart from staffing decisions, structural and development planning issues play a role. Underlying this is the principle of gender mainstreaming: the effects on both genders are taken into account in every decision.

The Equal Opportunities Office promotes the interests of young women scientists...

... particularly in those disciplines where women are still underrepresented. Young women scientists are offered individual coaching and advice, and can take advantage of support and in-service training programmes.

The Equal Opportunities Office supports students and employees with children or dependent relatives...

... in combining studies, work and family. Coaching, information and advice on this topic are available to both women and men. The Equal Opportunities Office organises childcare tailored to the needs of university members and offers financial assistance to PhD students with family responsibilities to enable them to complete their doctorates

The Equal Opportunities Office promotes women’s studies and gender research...

... in all areas of the university. Gender & Diversity is an integral part of the curriculum in all faculties and is supplemented by a visiting professorship in gender studies. Advice and information is offered to foster gender competence in our students and employees.

The Equal Opportunities Office is the point of contact...

... for all questions concerning equal opportunities. Our advice and information is available to all members of Leibniz Universität Hannover.

We are there for you when you

  • require advice on issues concerning equal opportunities;
  • are interested in funding programmes;
  • have to resolve conflicts in your studies or at work;
  • need assistance in cases of sexual harassment or discrimination;
  • wish to find a way to combine studies, work and family;
  • are seeking support as a dual career couple;
  • have questions on equal opportunities work and policies etc.