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One of the fairest Universities in Germany

The Equal Opportunities Office

The equal opportunities office is a central institution of the Leibniz University Hannover for structuring equal opportunities, offering support in reconciling study, work and family for employees and students, and for implementing diversity management.

Responsible for these three primary points is the team of the equal opportunities office. We offer consultations, child care, training programs and information for employees, students and university institutions.

The Leibniz University Hannover is leading in establishing equal opportunities…
…and will follow this path consistently. It promotes the competences of students and employees. The establishment of equal opportunities is an important task for achieving a fair university culture and increases the quality in research and teaching.

The equal opportunities officer advices the university management…
…on the implementation of the legal equality directive, on the development of measures for reconciling study or work with family, and on the concept and accomplishment of diversity management. Next to personnel decisions, strategic questions of structure- and development planning are also included.

Families are very welcome…
…there are a variety of child care possibilities available, also information on pregnancy and maternity protection as well as support measures for questions about reconciling study and work with family matters and caring for dependent relatives.

Diversity Management…
…stands for the policy of diversity and for a cosmopolitan and appreciative togetherness. Living diversity is the goal. Therefore, the principles of diversity management and the diversity concept 2025 are key instruments.

The opportunities office of the Leibniz University Hannover has been repeatedly honoured for their successful gender equality work with the Total E-Quality award and the audit family friendly university award. Our services are intended to support you in successfully finishing your studies, your qualification phase and a fulfilling career.