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BLOG: Project U

BLOG: Project U

The first Project U for female students is coming to an end. The staff member Larissa Tanha describes the project stations and enjoyed the planning of the project very much.

Dear readers, I am a research assistant at the equal opportunities office since October 2018. One of my tasks is the organisation of the "Project U". The objective of this program is to promote career opportunities for qualified female students from MINT fields (technology and natural sciences). In the framework of this program there are workshops as well as excursions, job-shadowing and interview days.

The workshops focus on personality, goals and further development of the participants. One participant summarizes it as follows: "I liked a lot the discussions of the consequences of our weaknesses and how to react to different situations in the working world".

To implement the excursions and job-shadowing, I am in contact with our partner companies. One excursion that remains in  my memory is the one of MTU Maintenance Hannover - MTU Aero Engines. One participating student on the other hand really liked the excursion to Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH in Hannover-Stöcken: "The company was introduced from the point of view of young employees, I really liked that".

On the interview day I was able to participate in 5 simulated job interviews for training purposes with following feedback. During the interviews some of the company representatives noticed that the female students often sold themselves below their value. I think that is a shame so I can only say: Be proud of yourselves, of your knowledge and your experience that you make during your studies!

I am very proud to contribute and support "Project U" that offers many female students insights in the economy and a perspective for the future! I am looking forward to the next round that will start in April 2019.

Maybe we will see each other then!

Yours Larissa Tanha