" We all bear the responsibility to live diversity" (Principles of Diversity)

" We all bear the responsibility to live diversity" (Principles of Diversity)

LUH promotes an environment that actively opposes discrimination and prejudices. To support this position, the Diversity Management established ten Basic Principles to provide guidance on handling diversity at Leibniz University.

With the announcement of the Diversity Principles in winter semester 2016/17, the members of Leibniz University are requested to comply with these principles.

Ten Basic Principles of Diversity

  1.  In accordance with diversity management we raise awareness for outward-looking, appreciative interaction at Leibniz Universität Hannover.
  2.  We cultivate respect and partnership in work and studies, thus creating a positive working climate.
  3.  We tolerate neither discrimination nor negative treatment or harmful behaviour regarding gender, age, ethnic origin or racism, religion and ideology, sexual orientation or disability.
  4.  We place value on gender-appropriate and non-discriminatory language. Essential documents (e.g. rules and regulations, agreements) concerning public relations, marketing and internal communication, are formulated and drawn up accordingly.
  5.  We offer advice and contact points for students and staff, as well as protection and help in individual issues, unfair treatment and in cases of conflict.
  6. We welcome students and staff from home and abroad. From the very beginning they are offered extensive guidance.
  7. We foster the search for and support of talent in science, research and administration in line with principles of diversity. Transparency and fairness contribute to equal opportunities and educational justice.
  8.  We shape differentiated environments for learning focused on the differing needs. For this we offer advice and educational qualification programmes to support academic success.
  9.  We see diversity research as an indispensable basis of equal opportunities, educational justice and protection against discrimination. Diversity aspects are a key criterion for research support.
  10.  We all bear the responsibility to live diversity.